My Story

How it all started?

After suffering from anxiety and depression for more than ten years, I was fortunate to find an excellent psychologist specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy who wholly transformed how I live and view life today. From always feeling sad and unmotivated, I started to see everything more positively. To see the glass still half full. Seeing all the hardships I've ever gone through as my greatest blessings and the experiences that make me who I am.

That same year, I embarked on the path of spiritual discovery and self-improvement with intention. Going from feeling so bad to finally feeling happy and at peace made me wonder what else I could achieve and how content and fuller I could think if I continued to challenge myself to learn and grow personally.

Since then, personal development and the study and application of practical spirituality have become a large part of my life. And more recently, the study of holistic health and nutrition and techniques and strategies for changing habits and behaviors, as well.

After almost ten years of wanting to give back and share all that I have been so fortunate to learn along this path, in 2017, I finished my training as nutrition and holistic health coach and started Healthscool. It makes me too happy to contribute to as many people as possible and inspire and empower them to lead a happier and healthier life.

Why holistic health and nutrition?

I always considered myself a healthy person and someone who, generally speaking, "ate well." When I started doing yoga more than eight years ago, I began to eat less and less meat and fish until I ended up with a 100% vegetarian diet for three years. And I always thought that being a vegetarian was synonymous with health. The reality is that it is, as long as it is done in a very conscious and informed way. After that time, I began to feel a little weak and decided to integrate, little by little, more fish and meat when my body asked me to. And so I fed for a few more years. In mid-2015, I began to notice that I had very little energy. I came home from work without wanting to do anything when I had always been one of the inexhaustible and motivated people to do a thousand activities in my free time. At work, I couldn't concentrate well, and every afternoon after lunch, I was dying of sleep without exception. My memory and clarity were not optimal, to the point that two different doctors told me that I might have had an attention deficit (ADD).

Along with all these symptoms, also, I began to notice that my pants were becoming tighter and tighter, as did my blouses. It was close to having to start buying larger sizes of both. But the truth is that I did not give so much importance to this because what difference does it make, I still looked good and I assumed it was "normal": you know, those pounds that you gain when you reach 28 or 30 for the supposed "change metabolism." I did not think to do anything about my weight until one day, I had pending for months to take a skirt to the sewing shop to raise the hem, and when I wanted to try it on so that they could take the measurements, I was surprised not pleasantly that That skirt, which fit me just a year before, didn't even go up to my butt. As you can imagine, I was not very happy. And beyond the weight, he didn't want to get into the vicious cycle of incessantly gaining and losing weight. So I said to myself, "Ok, it's over. I have to find a way to eat healthier but in a sustainable way."

As a good lover of reading and research, which are my favorite hobbies, I started looking for books and articles on the internet. On the one hand, I wanted to know more about attention deficit, and I found a book called "Healing ADD" by one of the most renowned doctors in the US. This book gave recommendations for food and supplements to cure or improve symptoms such as the ones I had. And when it comes to weight, I love food, and once I had to diet to lose weight and fat percentage, it was so torturous that I firmly decided that I would not go for diets. I wanted to find a way to get used to eating healthier, learning to love vegetables and preferring them over other not so nutritious options. And by the way, I better understand which foods add value to my health and what do not.

Surely they believe that since I was a "vegetarian" for three years, I loved vegetables, and the truth is that they were not my favorites, and they were never my priority when it came to eating. Instead, he frequently ate other vegetarian options like pasta and pizza. As well as veggie fries, cupcakes, bread, and burgers. The fact is that in my search, I found the first of many books that would forever change the way I eat and take care of my body. My husband, who knew much more about nutrition and health than I did at the time, frequently and worriedly told me: "Being skinny is not synonymous with being healthy." And the truth is, even though I was slipping at the time when I did my research, I found that I was ALL right.

Everything that I have learned since then has opened my eyes to things that I would never have imagined and that I dream of sharing with everyone ready and open to listen.

When reading these first books, some changes were immediate and resounding: I gave up sugar almost entirely and, with that, many foods such as packaged juices, sodas (regular and zero), yogurt with added sugar, commercial cereals, and various other foods that I mistakenly considered "healthy." Also, I considerably reduced the consumption of desserts, processed snacks, and flours. The other notable change is that I made vegetables, raw and cooked, at least 50% of my diet. This initial process forced me to learn to cook delicious, quick, and nutritious things and make my desserts and snacks more nutritious and healthy.

By making these changes, all my other symptoms (and many others that I thought were "normal") disappeared. My energy level, focus, and motivation are even better than in my college years, and I feel better than ever, to this day. And as a bonus, let me tell you that I managed to get into that skirt only six weeks later. And I ate deli all that time without feeling deprived or starving. This experience and the knowledge that I gained made me discover the incredible power that food has.

Today I think that eating and leading a healthy lifestyle are the basis of life. What we eat has the power to energize us, heal us, allow us to achieve more every day, give us motivation, focus, well-being, and even make us feel happier. In the same way, if we eat processed or poorly nutritious foods continuously, the opposite happens: we get sick, we do not have the energy or motivation to take advantage of our days, and in more severe cases, we reduce our quality of life in the medium and long term.

Also, now I know that our health depends not only on how we nourish our body but also on how we nourish our soul and our mind. How our environment is, how we face our day to day, the emotions that prevail in our lives, the quality of our sleep, our interpersonal relationships, and many other aspects not related to food. For this reason, I am convinced that to improve our lives, it is necessary to do it holistically: holistically.

This is my story and, today, I would love to know yours. Know what role health and nutrition play in your life. Whether they arouse your curiosity or not. Know what things you would love to learn and what doubts you have. What obstacles do you face, how do you feel in your day-to-day life, and what things would you like to improve? I want to share different, exciting, and quality content that responds to what YOU need. And that's why I would love to know more about you first. Send me an email here or write me on Instagram.

Other curiosities

  • I was born and raised in Lima, Peru, but I currently live in Southern California.
  • Past Occupations: Sales Representative, Marketing Director, Co-Founder of an NGO, Photographer, Yoga Teacher, Community and Social Media Manager, Country Manager, and Project Manager.
  • Current occupations: founder of healthscool, nutrition and holistic health coach at Healthscool, and Dr. Alejandro Junger. Avid researcher, reader, and student of everything have to do with well-being, health, nutrition, spirituality, and personal development. 🤓📚
  • I love learning new things. 😻
  • I love getting up early and drinking lemon water as soon as I wake up. Deli !!! 🍋
  • I live with intention, which means that almost everything I do in my day to day helps me become a better version of myself and make me happier. 😃
  • I love to smile, make people laugh, and spread good vibes wherever I go. 😁✌🏼
  • I love to face and overcome my fears. 💪🏼
  • I am fascinated by places with a lot of natural light.
  • My superpower is that I can see the bright side of almost any difficult situation or person. 🙌🏼
  • The talent that I would have loved to have: sing !!! 😍
  • I live deeply grateful for each day that life gives me and the many blessings that fill my days. 🙏🏻
  • I love solving tests that help me get to know myself better. Here below are the answers to some of them: 💁🏻
    Myer-Briggs: The Mediator (INFP-A)
    Enneagram: The Enthusiast and The Pacifist
    Strengths Finder 2.0: Learner, Intellection, Empathy, Ideation, Input.
    The 4 Trends: Questioner-Upholder

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