Healthscool's Philosophy

  • I believe in holistic health from body, mind, and spirit: when talking about health, we cannot focus only on nutrition or mental health. I believe that it is necessary to nurture and take care of our body, mind, and spirit. I think that good nutrition is essential, but it is not the only thing. And that's why my approach to everything I teach is holistic.
  • I believe in implementing healthy and sustainable habits over time, not in diets: when we go on a diet or have the "diet" mentality, we focus on a goal that we want to achieve in the short term, based on sacrifice and restriction. Maintaining this mindset makes it very easy to fall on the roller coaster of dieting, then break it and then "start Monday" or the following month again. For there to be real change, lasting over time, we must let go of what I call "the diet mindset" once and for all and, instead, progressively adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits. It would help if you went through a transformation from the inside out.
  • We are all different: while certain fundamental principles are essential for all of us to know (which are my super favorites to teach), within those fundamentals, we are all different, and a healthy diet and lifestyle vary from person to person. Given this, my mission and goal with everything I teach are to give all my students and clients the fundamental knowledge that anyone needs and take charge of their diet, health, and well-being and find that ideal balance that works for them. in particular. As one of my mentors says: “what is good for some can harm others.”
  • Health is wealth: or as we say in English, "Health is Wealth" I consider that one of the most fabulous riches and treasures that one can have in life, and that is often despised, is health. We tend not to appreciate it or take care of it with our whole being until, unfortunately, we lack it. But if you stop and think about it, how many things could you not do or fully enjoy if you were not healthy? Too many. That is why I always believe that health is wealth, the most important thing to care for, create and value.
  • It's all a matter of habits: many believe that our tastes and our way of being cannot be changed. And some trends and traits are indeed more challenging to change, but you would be surprised to know how much of what you like and what you do not like about your way of acting and thinking is simply a matter of habit, acquired over time, learned from our environment. And practices can be changed;) (that's also something I LOVE to teach).
  • Everything begins and ends with self-love: many people say, “when I lose X weight, I will be happy,” “when I see myself this way, then I will be at peace with my body.” They do not know that loving and worshiping our body NOW, in this precise moment, whatever its external form is, is what will make our body function optimally and what will motivate us to care for, pamper and pamper our body.
  • The ideal body is a healthy body, full of energy and vitality, regardless of its external shape or form: in terms of physical appearance, it is elementary to fall into comparison, either with the people around us or with the unreal models of current society has created. There is no ideal body from the external point of view. We are all beautiful as we are, and the "ideal" body that you can aim for should be a healthy body that allows you to live fully and be happy. Your body, exactly as it is right now, is a miracle, and it does SO MUCH for you. Love it as it is TODAY!

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