My Vision Of Health and Nutrition

My vision of healthy nutrition

You may have noticed on my page and the social networks that I do not subscribe to any particular way of eating or label myself as "vegetarian," "vegan," "paleo," "ketogenic," etc. The reason for this is because I firmly believe that each person is different, and my mission is to inspire and empower you to find the ideal way to eat and live for YOU, for your needs, for your lifestyle, your values ​​, and your own body.

As I mention in the healthscool philosophy, what may be healthy for one person may be harmful to another. This is something that I learned while studying to become a certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, but I have experienced it in practice with the people I have worked with and, on many occasions, with myself.

That is why my specialty is teaching the necessary fundamentals to make informed decisions and discover, through knowledge and experimentation, the best way to eat and live healthily for you.

Regarding nutrition, within my health philosophy, a healthy diet is such that it includes a wide variety of real foods, in their most natural state, that nourish our body daily with all the micronutrients it needs to:

  • Function optimally.
  • Prevent and reduce inflammation in our body.
  • Promote and maintain our hormonal balance and that of our intestinal flora.
  • Reduce the toxins we ingest.
  • Be sustainable over time.
  • Leave us satisfied, with a happy heart and happy taste buds.❤

So is! :) Nourishing ourselves and having a varied and healthy diet is essential, but it is also necessary to enjoy our food and eat delicious things. And from my own experience, I know that it is possible to eat fatty and healthy. And I want to prove to everyone that this is REALLY possible!

And how do we achieve a diet that meets all these goals?

  • You are eating real, nutritious food, in its closest version to how you would find it in nature, from the purest and healthiest source possible—ideally, organic and non-GMO food.
  • You are eating lots of greens and vegetables, raw and cooked. No matter what style of eating you decide is right for you, there is no way you can go wrong with eating a respectable amount of greens and vegetables.
  • Reduce the excessive consumption of processed foods, processed sugar, highly refined flours, oils, unnecessary additives, and any food that generates toxins in our body or generates inflammation.
  • Identify and avoid the consumption of certain foods to which our body is susceptible or to which we are allergic.
  • It is finding the ideal balance of each group of macronutrients (complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein) that makes us feel excellent based on the fact that our diet is composed of many greens and vegetables.

My vision of healthy life from a holistic point of view

But in health matters, knowing what I know and having been able to experience personally and with the people I have worked with, it is evident that our diet is only a bit of our health. To achieve and maintain optimal health, it is necessary to take care of several other aspects of our life, and they are these:

  • Physical activity and movement
  • Optimal sleep
  • Managing stress and our emotions
  • Managing our thoughts
  • Self-love and self-esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Enjoy and enjoy life.
  • Cultivate high emotions
  • Relationship and interpersonal relationships
  • Community

Again, to have a holistically happy and healthy life, it is necessary to take care of all these aspects, not just-food. And when reading this list, one can feel immediately overwhelmed, and here I want to say that the balance of all these areas of your life is not a goal or goal that one fulfills. It is a path, a daily process, a continuous work, and that continues. Throughout our life. It's not something that I set myself a goal to achieve and then check off my list as "done." Because our lives, our circumstances, and our bodies are always in flux, and with them, the way we lead healthy and happy lives also need changes and adjustments over the years.


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